Frequently Asked Questions

What do the capsules contain?

The ingredients in our vegetable capsules come straight from nature, with nothing added or removed. Each 340mg vegetarian capsule contains:

Organic Brahmi - 200mg
Organic Ashwagandha root - 85mg
Organic Tulsi leaf - 43mg
Organic Shankhini - 12mg

Our capsules are free from: Fillers • Binders • Gluten • Wheat • Lactose • Preservatives • Artificial Colouring • Yeast • Sugar • Animal testing.

Is Deep Sleep gluten-free, vegan-friendly and non-GMO?

Yes! We analyse every raw ingredient before production to ensure it’s gluten-free, vegan-friendly and non-GMO. Plus, we only use non-GMO vegetable capsules to deliver the ingredients.

How many capsules should I take?

We suggest taking two Deep Sleep capsules with a meal before going to bed. Do not exceed the stated dose.

Is it safe to combine Deep Sleep with another sleep aid?

We don’t recommend taking Deep Sleep alongside any other supplement. If you’re on prescribed medication, it’s essential to consult your doctor before starting Deep Sleep.

Is it safe to use every day?

Yes, you can take Deep Sleep capsules daily, and they’re suitable for long-term use.

Is there anyone Deep Sleep isn’t suitable for?

Deep Sleep is for adult use only and is therefore unsuitable for children. You should not take Deep Sleep if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult a doctor before using Deep Sleep if you’re taking any medication or have a medical condition. Stop taking Deep Sleep and consult a doctor if you experience any adverse reactions.

What are the shipping charges?

All packages are sent via Royal Mail with a shipping fee of £3.99. Your package should arrive within 1 to 3 business days.

Do you have customer support?

We strive to provide the highest standard of support to every customer. Our experienced and professional customer support staff will be able to answer your queries quickly and efficiently. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for help or advice.